Software testing is a process of executing a program or application with the intent of finding the software bugs. It can also be stated as the process of validating and verifying that a software program or application or product: Meets the business and technical requirements that guided it's design and development.
Don’t Split Test Your Pages Before Doing These 6 Things
When it comes to split testing, you’ve been doing great so far. You’ve got a great design, compelling copy and excellent flow. In your eyes, this new page is irresistible. But before you press that...
Do You Really Need to Test Your Site to Improve Your Conversion Rate?
Talk to almost any online marketer and you’d think that they held a PhD in psychology. At the drop of a hat, they can tell you all about what button colors, typeface, contrast, spacing, line of sig...
Why Split Testing is Killing Your Conversion Rate
If your conversion rate is flat-lining and you’ve tried virtually everything to stop its downward spiral – split testing could be to blame. Yes, split testing – that incredible flip-switching, conv...
How to Use A/B Testing to Build Your Business’s Buyer Personas
As a discerning digital marketer and business owner, you’re on top of the latest trends and tips on how to convert. You know all about SEO, and CRO, and PPC (that’s a whole lot of acronyms). You’re...
The 7 Epiphanies Needed to Intuitively Grasp Statistical Significance
There is only one danger more deadly to an online marketer than ignorance, and that danger is misplaced confidence. Whenever a marketer omits regular statistical significance testing, they risk inf...
2 A/B Testing Failures and 1 Win: Why A/B Testing Failures Are as Important as the Wins
You’ve probably seen a lot of blog posts floating around the internet about A/B testing successes. This blog is no exception. But hardly anyone talks about their failed experiments. I don’t blame t...
A/B Testing vs Multiple Variant Testing: And the Winner Is…?
During the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, Mahe Drysdale rowed 2,000 meters (1.24 miles) in just 6 minutes and 41 seconds. However, despite his impressive performance, the world record-holder nearly lost t...
7 Reasons Your Site Isn’t Ready for A/B Testing
You’ve invested a lot of time and effort into perfecting your website and you want to get the maximum return from that investment. To achieve that goal, you’ve studied dozens of blogs on conversion...
The Three Metrics You Need to Know Before You Waste Any Time on A/B Tests
It’s hard to argue that split testing (also know as A/B testing) is changing the face of marketing. According to Unbounce, 44% of online businesses are using split test software. And software produ...
Starting with Cucumber for end-to-end testing
This week, my team decided to create a smoke test harness around our web app to avoid the most stupid regressions. I was not in favor of that, because of my prior experience with the fragility of e...
A Java Geek
Why A/B Testing Can Be a Waste of Time (And What to Do Instead)
A/B testing is useful. To a point. For you? Probably useless. Here’s why, and what you should do instead. When A/B Testing Doesn’t Make $en$e The lure of a single A/B test skyrocketing conversions ...
Which Matters More: Traffic or Testing?
In recent years, there has been a shift in attention from traffic to testing. It makes sense, it’s becoming increasingly hard to win at online marketing. In many ways, it seems like the easiest way...

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