Tableau (French for 'little table' literally, also used to mean 'picture'; pl. tableaux or, rarely, tableaus) may refer to: Arts Tableau, more properly tableau vivant, motionless performance in theatre evoking a painting or sculpture; or a painting or photograph evoking such a theatrical scene rather than a more naturalistic depiction Tableau, in opera, ballet, and some other dramatic forms, another word for scene Tableau, a series of four paintings by Piet Mondrian titled Tableau I through Tableau IV Games Tableau (solitaire), a specific solitaire card game Tableaux, stacks of playing cards in which gameplay (varying by the specific type of solitaire) occurs; see solitaire terminology Logic, mathematics, and sciences Analytic tableaux (also, semantic tableau, or truth tree), a technique of automated theorem proving in logic Tableau, another term for a table of data, particularly: Cryptographic tableau, or tabula recta, used in manual cipher systems Division tableau, a table used to do long division Tableau (linguistics), a method of evaluating ranked constraints over a set c tableau (truth tree), a proof procedure for various logics which builds a tree to search for counterexamples of a formula or argument. Young tableau, a combinatorial object built on partition diagrams Organizations and businesses Tableau, a restaurant at Wynn Las Vegas Tableau Software, a company providing tools for data visualization and business intelligence
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