Systems Engineer

At Aetion science meets engineering to solve some of the biggest challenges in healthcare. We're a blend of academia, data science, medicine and serious engineering. Our platform produces research insights which are used by many of the largest healthcare organizations to make a positive impact on peoples lives on a huge scale.

Now is a fantastic time to join the company as we are small (<50 employees), have solid revenue streams and are growing fast.  

Aetion practices DevOps - where both systems and software engineers are involved in the day to day management and support of Aetion's platform. The primary difference in the roles is one of focus - the systems team builds the infrastructure and tooling to support the platform, and the software team builds the Aetion application platform.

We practice Kanban as a development process, which is well suited to the variable nature of operational and support work, whilst ensuring we also make progress on strategic aims to improve our operability.

Our distributed platform is hosted both in AWS and also on customer premises. This poses some challenges and part of the role is helping with application design to ensure suitability for all environments.

We use Chef for automation to ensure that a small team of operational staff can easily handle our large and growing estate and use Docker for containerization to ensure consistency across deployment environments.

With health data in our platform, security is paramount. Whilst our platform uses de-identified data, we still target technical compliance with HIPAA regulations, as a basis for our security polices


  • Help to build a healthy and strong DevOps Culture

  • Build the tools that deploy, run, and support our distributed platform

  • Guide developers on application architecture to ensure highly operable services

  • Ensure and improve the security of our platform

  • Solve problems across the stack

Location New York, Ny Created on 16-07-16 Benefits