Sr. Software Engineer (Elixir/Phoenix)


Headquarters: Chicago, IL

Machinio is a search engine for industrial machinery and equipment. We seek inquisitive, self-motivated developers to join our team and work remotely.

Help us solve problems in full-text search, domain specific search optimization, large scale email alert delivery, custom CRM solutions and everything else that make our customers happy.

Work alongside other senior developers who maintain two high impact open-source projects (fingerprintjs and poltergeist). Machinio owes much to open-source software, so we love people that contribute to it.

Our tech:
  • Solr, PostgreSQL, Redis
  • AWS & Heroku

Looking for someone that has been working with Elixir/Phoenix and wants to use it in production.

Send all applications with resume and answers to the below questions:
  • How have you contributed to open source?
  • How would you write a method that handles credit card processing? It must handle credit card data and send an email to the user on success or failure. What are common issues that you need to consider for this problem?

You do NOT need to be eligible to work in the USA. We accept workers from all over the world!

To apply: Send resume and answers to the questions to only. Please do not contact any other emails or your application may be lost.

Salary Location Chicago Created on 29-06-16 Benefits Remote Allowed Yes