Software Engineer Devops

As a Software Engineer with a passion for  DevOps, you will work on building and maintaining state of the art production infrastructure and supporting any systems. . You will automate and improve our deployment, monitoring and operational systems, in order to maintain a fast and reliable release rhythm.

With an open, innovative mindset and a thirst for technical challenges, you collaborate with the entire team to deliver Beekeeper’s software to its rapidly-growing community of users.

Your responsibilities

  • Work on existing Kubernetes infrastructure

  • Improve and maintain the continuous deployment pipeline

  • Ensure secure and compliant deployments

  • Work on automated monitoring and alerting infrastructure

What we look for in you

  • A Bachelor Degree in Computer Science

  • Experience with Build / Deployment / Automation systems

  • Experience with Cloud based solutions (AWS)

  • Experience with Linux Systems

  • A passion for computer systems and technology

Bonus Points

  • A Master Degree in Computer Science

  • Experience operating Multi-Tenant Software

  • Experience with Kubernetes

  • Experience with Docker

Location Zürich, Switzerland Created on 05-05-18 Benefits