Senior Full Stack Javascript Developer

ExecThread’s product offering is currently built using MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js (MEAN Stack). We’re searching for a Senior Full Stack Javascript Developer who will be a key contributor and mentor to our engineering team in NYC. You will be be working directly with the CTO to add new features, improve infrastructure, in order to improve customer satisfaction. You’ll also be mentoring junior-to-mid level developers on best practices, and helping to architect and design the product as well.

Ideal Candidate

You must be excited to work in a fast-moving and rapidly-changing environment. You should be familiar with GIT and pull-request process (we use git-flow), with front-end build tools, such as Grunt and Gulp.js, and with JS testing frameworks (we use Mocha and PhantomJS). You should also have a strong understanding of JavaScript (ES6), its quirks, and workarounds; and also be proficient in browser rendering behavior and performance, asynchronous request handling, partial page updates, HTTP, CORS, and AJAX.

We’re looking for people who understand promises, concurrency, object oriented design, functional programming, care about APIs, value testing, code fast and refactor faster, and who are, like us, responsible, passionate and highly dedicated.


Competitive Salary + Equity + Benefits

Location New York, Ny Created on 26-10-16 Benefits