Rails Developer


Headquarters: Greater Nashville TN Area
URL: http://www.eezy.com/jobs/sr-rails-programmer

We're growing our team and we're looking for great developers who would love the opportunity to join us full time. We’re looking for programmers with deep commercial Ruby experience who have built high traffic applications that like working in cross-functional teams.

You'd be primarily doing backend Ruby and Rails work, but we also expect that you're pretty comfortable working on the full stack. We'd expect you know how to write well isolated tests, you value pragmatic design, want to easily deploy to production and care about writing good software.

Our sites receive a high amount of traffic each month. If you're interested we'd love to give you a role in our company that strives for technical excellence, is relaxed, lets you work from home on your own schedule in your own environment.

What you'll be doing:
  • Writing clean, well thought out and reliable code.
  • Lead small, functionally oriented projects containing team members with different skills and levels of knowledge.
  • You'll work on big projects as well as small maintenance tasks that support our marketing efforts.
  • We don't have testers or sysadmins so you'll be ensuring your work is production ready and deployed.

Required abilities:
  • At least three years experience with Ruby on Rails in production.
  • Extensive understanding of HTML and CSS.
  • Good working knowledge of Javascript (but no Coffeescript required :-)
  • Working understanding of MySQL.
  • Familiarity with the open source world, especially rubygems and Github. Open source contribution a huge plus.
  • Excellent online communication skills (IM, Skype, email).
  • Ability to ease self into an existing (but clean!) codebase instead of having to always rewrite everything immediately.
  • Willingness to evaluate existing solutions/gems for applicability instead of just jumping instantly on the latest fad (unless it really is better, of course!)
  • Ability to see the “big picture” and implement solutions that fit into the existing architecture.
  • Have strong, self-informed opinions when it matters.

To apply: Apply Here: https://eezy.workable.com/jobs/283711

Salary Location Greater Nashville Tn Area Created on 29-06-16 Benefits Remote Allowed Yes