Integration Engineer

Headquarters: Menlo Park, CA

Are you a seasoned engineer who wants a job that serves a larger purpose? Are you interested in making a meaningful, life-changing difference for millions of students? Would you like an opportunity to manage projects and work directly with end users?

Digication is changing the way students learn from the ground up. Instead of rote learning through lectures and tests, Digication allows students to create online portfolios - collaborative and safe learning spaces - to encourage project based learning. The results have been staggering. According to recent research, retention and pass rate at a community college jumped from 50% to 80%. Digication is now being used by students at over 6,000 K-12 and Higher Education schools.

Position: Integration Engineer

Tech stack & stats

  • We use many different technologies (we’re open minded and consider what’s best for each job).
  • Browser-based interface built around internal services
  • Languages: Node.js, PHP, Java
  • Database: MySQL (RDS)
  • Server: AWS, Ubuntu, nginx, haproxy, chef
  • Digication is a profitable SaaS company serving millions of requests per day to millions of users
  • 6,000+ schools use Digication as a mission-critical tool every day

Company culture

  • We work as a team, with direct access to company founders as well as senior level engineers
  • We love talking to customers
  • We love solving problems for technical as well as non-technical end users
  • We like to be mentors and mentees to our peers
  • We work with a sense of urgency, but we don’t like cutting corners
  • We are self motivated and passionate about learning
  • We hold ourselves accountable for our work and commitments

How will this be different from most other engineering jobs

  • The majority (90%) of your job is an engineer, the rest is to engage in project management for our clients, which includes interactions with customers including calls, emails and webinars.
  • You will work on something that makes a meaningful difference in many students’ lives
  • You value integrity over profitability (Although we are profitable!)
  • You value personal growth and learning over titles and salaries
  • You are creative and different, and you're proud of it


  • Exceptional written and verbal skills
  • Ability to present complex technical ideas to non-technical end users
  • Experience in project management 
  • 5+ years as a senior backend / full-stack developer
  • 5+ years building large scale (>1,000s of concurrent users) web applications
  • 5+ years building complex (more than running a popular blog) web applications
  • A thorough understanding of relational database design
  • Ability to optimize complex database queries
  • You understand the pros and cons of different design patterns
  • You understand security best-practices and implement them regularly
  • Portfolio (URLs of apps or projects you've built, github, etc). We care about your portfolio, not your certificates. Please show us software and projects that you’ve worked on that you think will really impress us. For example: an efficient algorithm, an elegant architecture design, or even just a clever hack. Applicants without a portfolio will not be considered.

As an Integration Engineer:

  • You love talking to people
  • You are fanatic about documenting everything
  • You enjoy juggling many tasks at the same time
  • You thrive under pressure
  • You are self motivated and enjoy working remotely
  • You like working on hard problems that have lots of moving parts
  • You understand the micro and macro impacts of your work
  • You are willing to troubleshoot bugs that may have nothing to do with what you wrote
  • You like making modular, reusable code
  • You value participation in the code review process
  • You are fluent in software design patterns
  • You understand what scalability involves
  • You know the limitations of the language / stack being used
  • You know when you should adopt existing frameworks vs rolling your own

Nice to have:

  • Experience working with learning management systems, student information systems, single-sign-on technologies
  • Experience working with LTI
  • You have previously worked at a similar role at a university or ed tech organization
  • You have experience with Digication and/or other ed tech products
  • Programming experience in PHP, Node.js, Java, or React
  • Source control using Git
  • Project management in Asana

Hiring Process:

  1. Application: Provide us with the following: a cover letter, resume, link to your portfolio, and answer to the following exercise at (Optionally, also send us your code in any language that outputs the solution to the exercise).
  2. 1st video interview: Within 48 hours of the application, we will let you know whether we would like to schedule a video interview. This interview is intended to gauge the general cultural fit and basic technical skills.
  3. 2nd video interview: You will be given a few implementation & support tasks to perform during a 3-hour screensharing call with one of our team members.
  4. Job offer: We will let you know within 5 business days from the pair programming exercise whether you will be offered the position.

About Digication:

We believe students learn better when they are immersed in projects that they care about, not meaningless tests that have little to do with the real world. Digication lets students create their own learning portfolio online and share between friends, professors, and potential employers. More than 6,000 colleges and K-12 schools are already using our system.

Perks at Digication:

  • Work wherever you want, during US business hours. If you want to move, travel, experience the world, do it while having a full time job with us. If you prefer, you can also work on site in the San Francisco bay area with the founders.
  • We use Zendesk to track tickets and Asana for project management.
  • We connect via Slack and Zoom, and use github pull requests for code review.
  • We will get you whatever computer / phone / tablet you see fit.
  • Health / Dental / 401k
  • Last and not least, you get to work with on a product that makes a difference for students at thousands of schools and colleges. See what students say about us in the video section of the company page,

To apply: Apply here:

Salary Location Menlo Park Created on 29-06-16 Benefits Remote Allowed Yes