Front End Developer

ExecThread’s product offering is currently built using MongoDB, Node.js, Express & AngularJS, (MEAN Stack). We’re expanding our NYC-based engineering & product teams and are looking to hire a strong Front-end Developer (AngularJS or React) to work closely with our CTO and Head of Interactive Design. You’ll be a key member of the dev team working to continuously bridge the gap between the product’s design and technical implementation. You’ll also be responsible for creating and updating functional and visual applications for the client-side of ExecThread, while ensuring the technical feasibility of the UI/UX design. In addition, you will help plan and implement the growth of our product to grow the user base and use by over 100x.

Ideal Candidate

You need to be equally passionate about UI/UX and programming, and be ready to work in a fast-moving and rapidly-changing environment. You must come with 2+ of AngularJS experience, and ideally 4+ years of client-side JavaScript/HTML/CSS experience. You should also be familiar with GIT and pull-request process (we use git-flow), front-end build tools, such as Grunt and Gulp, and JS testing frameworks (we use Mocha and Selenium). You should also have a strong understanding of JavaScript, its quirks and workarounds, and also be proficient in browser rendering behavior and performance, asynchronous request handling, partial page updates, HTTP, CORS, and AJAX.


Competitive Salary + Equity + Benefits

Location New York, Ny Created on 26-10-16 Benefits